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I have moved my photoblog the slick url of http://www.photoblog.ie. This site will not be updated so click here to continue. Please also update any RSS Feeds or subscriptions you might have.

Thanks for visiting!
I’m Patrick Dinneen, from Cork but living in Galway, West Ireland.
Most photos are taken from around Galway and are an eclectic mix of anything and everything that I shoot and like. Some folks say you should focus on one theme and stick to that but I find that too restrictive. Also I have a family (with two young kids) so I can’t head off taking photos everyday.
I shoot mainly with a Pentax K-X. A lot of people ask why, or ask why not a Canon or Nikon? The answer, I suppose is because it got great reviews and I liked the feel of it. When you’re chatting to someone and both realise that you own a Pentax it’s like a little connection between ye.

I also keep a Panasonic TZ5 compact on me for anything I stumble upon and don’t have my Pentax with me. It’s very pocketable and great for macro/close up shots.

This photoblog contains my fav pics; you can see the good, the bad and the ugly on My Flickr page.

Follow my infrequent (mainly photography) tweets at http://twitter.com/pacork. I’m thinking of replacing twitter with an ‘interesting links’ page or even just posting them as a *shock, horror* blog post.
Contact: pacork [@] gmail.com

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2 comments on “About me & Blogroll”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Love your work.. Only really getting stuck into photography since the start of the year.. must set up a blog! Keep ’em coming 🙂


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